Metallurgical Rolls used for the modern cold and hot rolled strip tandem mills, medium-wide thick strip mills,

profile steels, bars, high speed wiring rolling mills and medium-thin strip mills.

With the spirit of QPR(Quality, Performance, Reputation), we are equipped ourselves with the advanced production, inspection and test equipments, including 8 medium frequency furnaces imported from USA, 1 arc furnace, 1ladle furnace, 1 VD vacuum refining furnace and VC vacuum pouring furnace, 3 centrifugal casting machines, 18 high and low temperature resistance furnaces, 2 quenching furnaces, various NC processing lathes, as well as the Ultrasonic flaw detector, front-view metallurgical phase microscope, metallographic image analyzer, carbon-sulfur analyzer, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, metallurgical phase hardometer, dilatometer, scanning electron microscope, thermal analyzer, direct-reading spectrometer, Brinellhardness meter, Rockwell apparatus, profile sand tester, profile sand hardness gauge, profile sand coating thickness gauge, tension test machine, impact test machine and etc. Meanwhile we establish perfect product quality assurance system and have been granted the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

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